Fun Galore in Bangalore


July 2012

A hub for international business and home to a booming IT industry, it's no wonder Bangalore is commonly referred to as India's Silicon Valley. But it's also where Perennial's largest studio outside of Canada translates the successful business model of its Toronto parent.

The Bangalore Edge

Bangalore isn't quite what you'd expect from one of the world's fastest-growing cities. With its pleasant climate, picturesque scenery, mild pace and thriving economy, it's easy to see why professionals from all walks of life are coming together to create this inimitable blend of culture and commerce.

The Great Indian Retail Challenge

As a rapidly evolving and highly fragmented industry, cracking the Indian retail market is quite an undertaking. It's a business segment that accounts for a large part of the country's economy, but the majority of its market share is still attributed to unorganized retail. On the one hand this presents us with a number of creative and strategic challenges, but on the other it means countless unexplored opportunities.

Local 'kirana' stores, for example, are family-owned shops that represent a large portion of our retail business. Here, convenience and trust are two key factors that keep consumers from shifting to a supermarket. And the fact that these smaller stores offer credit and free delivery only make them a more desirable choice for shoppers' daily needs.
Among India's more organized retail, the predominant players are national brands. This stems from government restrictions against Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) that mean international companies can only operate through Joint Ventures with local companies and can never own more than a 50% share. As a result, plenty of big names from outside India hold back on establishing themselves in the country, as they wait for laws that give them more freedom. 
We're also dealing with an increasingly retail-savvy customer base. The urban Indian consumer is now a highly informed individual, with an awareness of brands and retail communication. While the phrase "Cheapest and best" is the ubiquitous statement when making a sale, it's no longer enough to cater to shoppers' growing needs. With this change in consumer behaviour, there's been more call than ever for brand-building in the retail sector.

A Closer Look at Organized Retail

With improved economies come increased purchasing power, boosting demand for a better retail experience. As such, retail in India operates in a variety of formats - Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Cash & Carry, Wholesale traders, Departmental stores and Specialty stores.
In addition to these stores, retail also thrives among the newfound interest in shopping malls. A common sight in most of the large cities, they combine an improved shopping experience with entertainment and have played a significant role in the real estate boom.
But from a personnel point of view, a huge challenge remains for India's organized retail industry, with a noticeable lack of qualified employees. Retailers struggle to find trained individuals and have difficulty keeping job prospects exciting, as they compete with emerging and better paying sectors, like IT. And the added hurdle of rising real estate prices across all major cities, means it's becoming increasingly difficult for companies to introduce new stores on a regular basis. 

Enter Perennial Bangalore

Based in the heart of the city, our Bangalore office is bursting with talent. From advertising and IT to print production and beyond, we use a vibrant mix of traditional and contemporary design to give our retail clients the edge to make their stores successful.
In the short time the office has been up and running, we've acquired a number of major clients and introduced high quality practices that help shape the image of each individual brand. We're also evolving techniques that allow us to extend beyond the duties of a design studio, by creating a complete communications package that tackles month-on-month sales, signage improvements, and environmental aspects of the store.